AudioMachine Library [46 Albums] MP3, 320 kbps

AudioMachine Library [46 Albums] MP3, 320 kbps
AudioMachine Library [46 Albums] MP3, 320 kbps

 Trailer Music (Epic / Orchestral / Symphonic / Electronic / Instrumental / Choral)
 Year: 2006-2015 | Series: AM, AMP, AMS, AMT | Website: | 13.5 GB

Composer: Paul Dinletir, Kevin Rix, Mark Petrie, Nick Murray, Richard Friedman, Danail Getz, Jeff Marsh, John Graves, Kaveh Cohen, Kenny Meriedeth, Jeff Edwards, Scott Miller, Michael Nielsen, Michael Rubino, etc.  

 Country: USA | Format: MP3 Quality: 16 bit / 320 kbps / 48 kHz / stereo | Duration: 03: 14: 40: 35 

  • Description: audiomachine is a boutique music production house, specializing in original music and sound design for film, television and video game advertising campaigns. For all lovers of direction trailer music. Group Audiomachine, known to all, without exception, to the studio and the pasteboard, because their compositions can be heard in the trailers to blockbusters premium. Their motives are legendary. Their style has become a trendsetter among the followers of the genre. They are young and talented. About Audiomachine can talk and talk - better to just listen to any words and disappear in the direction unnecessary. 
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Position Music - Production Music Series All PMS001-211 (MP3)

Position Music - Production Music Series All PMS001-211 (MP3)

MP3, 192-320 kbps, stereo | 22 GB
The Position Music - Production Music Series was born in 2004. The series is rooted in Hip-Hop, Electronic and Rock, and is constantly expanding to cover more ground. The production music is created by high quality, very credible artists and producers.
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motionVFX - mSmokes [100 Organic 2K Quicktime Smoke Elements]

100 clips | format: .mov | PNG 2048x1152 24 fps | RAR 110 GB

mSmokes is a collection of 100 professional, high quality, organic, 2K and pre-keyed smoke elements designed to be used within any compositing or non-linear editing software (such as Final Cut Pro X, Apple Motion, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Nuke, Smoke, etc.).

mSmokes are simply huge Quick Time PNG Millions+ (yes, with an Alpha Channel), 24p files. Over 100GB of Data! Amazing quality! Only $0.99 per file!

For those who don't really care about an Alpha Channel, the download link includes 4GB H.264 version.

To use mSmokes in your production, just drag the file onto your timeline and you are done. Make sure you place the clip on a new layer above your current footage. Select the suitable blend or composite mode when using H.264 files.

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1M1 Music Library Vol.01-14 Mark Petrie

1M1 Music Library Vol.01-14 Mark Petrie

 Producer: Mark Petrie | Episode: 1M1 | Audio codec: MP3 | Quality: 320 kbps, 48 kHz, stereo | 3.9 GB

Description: Personal recording studio Mark'a Petrie . 

In fact - it is a compilation of songs written for various studios. 

  • "Originally from New Zealand and now based in the Los Angeles area, I compose music for a variety of projects including games, trailers, TV and film. I’m incredibly grateful to be doing something for a living that I only dreamed of when I was a young boy growing up in Auckland, New Zealand."
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Adobe Master Collection CC 2015 (upd1) RUS-ENG

Adobe Master Collection CC 2015 (upd1) RUS-ENG

Informal assembly package Creative Cloud in 2015 (Update 1) of m0nkrus, including all components of this line with the already integrated updates + some programs from CS6. The collection has a single installer, where you can select the components you need for installation, as well as the interface language (Russian English). 
The collection is divided into four ISO-file to be recorded on the DVD5-disc. If you want to install an assembly without writing to disk, you can zavirtualit ISO-images, or simply unzip them.

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motionVFX - mLeaks [ 50 Professional 2K Light Leaks Effects ] Compatible with Every Platform

Organic Light Leaks for Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer and any other non-linear editors

mLeaks is a collection of 50 high quality 2K organic light leaks designed to be used within Final Cut Pro X, Apple Motion, Adobe Premiere Pro and other non-linear editors supporting blend or composite mode. All light leaks files are available in Apple ProRes 422 at 24P format and were shot with Red camera technology. To use mLeaks in your production, simply drag the light leak onto your timeline, make sure you place the clip on a new layer above your current footage, select the suitable blendor composite mode (we recommend "Screen" for the best results) and you're done. You can enhance the look of the effect by adjusting opacity, contrast, hue and saturation of the light leak. mLeaks are available at:

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The Pixel Lab - C4D Materials 14 Packs

The Pixel Lab - C4D Models & Materials, 14 Packs

Total 4.24 GB | Choose Your Pack and Download!

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TurboSquid - Iron Man Rigged, 3DS Max

TurboSquid - Iron Man Rigged, 3DS Max 614510 | $199

3ds Max 2011 Files | RAR 80 MB

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Digital Juice - Juice Drops 47 merryCHRISTMAS 80xPSD

Digital Juice - Juice Drops 47 merryCHRISTMAS 80xPSD

Digital Juice - Juice Drops 47 merryCHRISTMAS

80 Layered PSD Files | 5175x3375 Pixels | RAR 4.8 GB

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Dexsoft Games - Industrial Bundle Vol.1-7

 unityPackage, LWO, obj, DTS, ms3d, FBX, x (DirectX), DAE, DBO, B3D, u3d, LXO, C4D. 

Quantity : 447 Models | Textures TGA 1024x1024 Pixels
Difuse Map; Hight Map; Normal Map; Specilar Map | RAR 1.55 GB< UnRar 4 GB 


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ThanksGIVING, JuiceDop Vol.46

70 Layered PSD Files | 5175x3375 Pixels | RAR size 4.87 GB single file

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Paul Schmidt, "Secrets of Proshow Experts: The Official Guide to Creating Your Best Slide Shows with ProShow Gold and Producer"

  English | 2010 | ISBN: 1435454847 | 338 pages | PDF | RAR 11 MB

"Secrets of ProShow Experts: The Photodex Official Guide to Creating Your Best Slideshows" teaches creative techniques for creating more professional-looking and polished slide shows with ProShow software. This one-of-a-kind guide provides readers with easy-to-follow examples and expert advice on topics like understanding your audience, using motion to convey emotion, controlling the feel of a slide show with audio, and more. ProShow users of all levels and anyone wanting to learn how to share their digital images in a compelling slide show will find this guide useful. Whether users are new to the software or are seasoned experts, this book offers valuable creative techniques from an expert author. Includes a bonus DVD with sample slideshows, slide styles, and a trial version of the ProShow software!
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ProShow Styles

Photodex - ProShow Producer Gold v4.52.3053 StylePack FULL!

RAR 1.37 GB

  • ProShow Styles Complete Pack - this set of styles and transitions to create beautiful presentations with your photos and video. Include: ProShow StylePack Volume 1-4, ProShow Transition Pack, ProShow Styles Escapes, ProShow Styles Grunge, ProShow Styles Vintage, ProShow StylePack Weddings.
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MacFonts Spooky Fonts.1.2 MacOSX | 6.7MB


  • MacFonts - Spooky Collection. A holiday collection of 10 fonts perfect for Halloween, Christmas, and other seasons of celebration, including a personal AND commercial use license for a single user so you can use the fonts in any home, business or for-profit project. All fonts are available in OpenType format and work in all applications including Quark, Illustrator, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, iLife, iWork, Pixelmator and more.
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JaguarWoman's - Frosty Font 52xPSD

JaguarWoman's - Frosty Font

52 PSD | ~ 1000x1000 Pixels | 300 dpi | RAR 49 MB


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Ron's 100 Brushes & Elements 2015 Collection FULL

DAZ3D: RON'S DEVINEY Brushes & Elements Collection (2015 FULL)
Layered Photoshop .PSD, .PNG, .ASL, .ARB, .CSH, .JPEG | CS | 2007 - 2015 | 17,9 Gb

  • RON'S DEVINEY Brushes & Elements Collection - the huge tooling Photoshop, created famous Ron Deviney which to be useful to you once again and once again and will help with your creative undertakings. The collection includes not only very big set of brushes of high permit, but also huge quantity of styles, backgrounds, Photoshop patterns in a PSD-format with included an alpha-channel, seamless structures and files PNG... Everyone will find for itself(himself) and the work something new and useful. For use it is required Photoshop CS and above.
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Renderosity - 71 Background & Elements Collections
Renderosity - 71 Backgrounds & Elements Collections

 71 Subjects | 1100 .jpg, .png, .psd, .abr, .asl Files | 1024x768, 3000x4000
300dpi | Photoshop 7 or higher | ReadMe File | 3,27 GB

Bundle Content:

  1. Dreamscapes Backgrounds for Poser
  2. Dreamscapes 3-"Disturbed Dreams"
  3. Deep Woods 2
  4. Deep Woods 3
  5. Fantasy Adventure Backgrounds
  6. Beyond fantasy - backgrounds, matching lights and poses
  7. Distant Worlds - backgrounds, matching lights and poses
  8. -Gothic Backgrounds-
  9. Project Alien - backgrounds/textures
  10. Fantasy Backgrounds
  11. Folkvangar's Fantasy Backgrounds
  12. Folkvangar's Fantasy Backgrounds vol. 2
  13. Folkvangar's Fantasy Backgrounds vol. 3 
  14. Post Industrial Surrealities Backgrounds
  15. In the Dark Room by Folkvangar
  16. Gothic Essence by Folkvangar
  17. Folkvangar's Luxurious Styles Vol 2
  18. In the Dark Room v2 by Folkvangar
  19. Mystic Worlds
  20. Desolation - Gothic Backgrounds by Folkvangar
  21. Instant Backgrounds Brushes
  22. Folkvangar's Decadence
  23. Magical Glyphs - Backgrounds and Spell Symbols
  24. Folkvangar's Celestial
  25. Among the Trees 3
  26. Painted Backgrounds
  27. Enchanted Fantasy
  28. Beautiful Gothic
  29. Dazzle
  30. Beautiful Gothic II: Dark Waters
  31. FV01 - Romantica by Folkvangar
  32. Urban Decay
  33. Urban Decay 2 "Technocolor"
  34. Beautiful Gothic III: Charming Decay
  35. Beautiful Gothic IV: Efflorescence
  36. Enchanted Fantasy II
  37. Beautiful Gothic V: Nightfall
  38. Beautiful Gothic VI: Eden
  39. The Beautiful Orient
  40. Charmed Woodlands
  41. Fantasy Extreme Backgrounds
  42. Flights Of Fancy
  43. Folkvangar is Enchanted II
  44. Rooftop Backgrounds
  45. Ethereal Fantasy
  46. Charmed Woodlands Bundle
  47. Halloween Eve Backgrounds
  48. Beautiful Gothic VII: Winter Collection
  49. Enchanted Fantasy - The Winter Collection
  50. Steampunk Backgrounds
  51. Elven Woods Backgrounds
  52. Beautiful Gothic VIII Moonlight Serenade
  53. Fantasy Woodland backgrounds
  54. Bramble Blossom Backgrounds
  55. Folkvangar's My Inmortal Beloved
  56. Aquatica Backgrounds & Lights!
  57. Schonee's Dark Nights 5
  58. Dusty Attic Backgrounds
  59. Oriental Fantasy Backgrounds
  60. Daisy Woodlands Backgrounds
  61. Essentials - the backgrounds
  62. Dark Dwellings Backgrounds
  63. Wicked Halloween Backgrounds
  64. Winter Dream backgrounds
  65. Beautiful Gothic IX Autumn Lights
  66. Dreamy Place backgrounds
  67. Christmas Feelings
  68. Silent Fright Backgrounds
  69. Fantasy Night backgrounds
  70. The Beautiful Orient, Winter Collection
  71. Spring Meadows Backgrounds
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AudioJungle Mini Bundle 2015 Vol. 1
AudioJungle Mini Bundle 2015 Vol. 1
Audio Files | Format: mp3 , waw | Size: 160,79 Mb
Here are some popular music tracks that are often used for music projects in After Effects.

Bundle Content:

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7704 JPEG | 1024×800 to 3700×… px | 12.45 GB Collection JPEG: Brick, Fabric, Foods, Grunge, Landscapes, Metal, Nature, Plaster, Plastic, Skies, Water, Wood, Wrinkles

Choose and Download!

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