Medicine & Health 65xEPS - Stock Vectors

Medicine & Health

65 Vector Files in AI(EPS) and WMF | CS | 35 MB

LunaGirl - Vintage Advertisements, Posters & Trade Cards CD2
840 RGB JPG Images | <2893x2209 Pixels | 262 MB
Sewing, Theater & Art, Tobacciana, Travel & Transportation and Trade Cards

LunaGirl - Vintage Advertisements, Posters & Trade Cards CD1

LunaGirl - Vintage Advertisements, Posters & Trade Cards CD1

1000 RGB JPEG Images | 417 MB

  • Collections of advertising posters, magazine ads, sensuous Art Nouveau, antique print ads, Victorian trade cards, tobacciana & more.
  • Over 200 years of advertising art: full-color vintage advertisements, antique print ads, 
  • Art Nouveau posters, WWI patriotic posters, 1920s ads & much, much more ~ over 1,500 images in 2 CDs
  • A wonderful resource for framed prints, altered art & books, scrapbooks, 
  • cards, tags and labels, collage, ATC, decoupage, fabric transfers, and primitives, 
  • as well as for all collectors and students of the past!.

PreArt Gorippa - Manten 06 - Smile Life

PreArt Gorippa - Manten 06 - Smile Life
139 Parts + 70 People + 41 Combination = 250 EPS Vector Files | 167 MB

PacCAD Packing Designs Version 4.0, 937xEPS
PacCAD Packing Designs Version 4.0
937 EPS Files | PDF Catalog | RAR 288 MB 

OilShock Designs - Design Parts SourceBook - RockPort

OilShock Designs - Design Parts SourceBook - RockPort
OilShock Designs - Design Parts SourceBook - RockPort
516 MB | OilShock Designs | Design Parts SourceBook | RockPort - Rock & Street Culture
505 EPS Street Culture Graphics, Illustrations, and Lettering in Categories :
Skull&Bones, Tattoo&Tribal, Surf&Skate, Marine&Treasure,
Flower&Forest, Sexy, Automobile and Band 

Map Resources: Countries - Vector Maps 166xAI
Map Resources - Countries - Vector Maps AI
166 AI Files | Collection Showcases Major Countries of the World |RAR size : 22 MB < 99 MB
Detailed country maps include cites, road network, water features and more.
Many maps also include provincial, state, or district boundaries.
Maps are Easy to Edit.
Maps are editable Illustrator vector files.
  • Afghanistan, American Samoa, Antigua/Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Denmark, Dominica, Dominican Rep., Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, England, Falkland Islands, France, French Guiana, Georgia, Germany, GreatBritain, Greece, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guam, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Kashmir, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, LeewardIslands, Martinique, Mexico, NetherlandsAntilles, New Zealand, Nicaragua, North Korea, Northern Ireland, Northern Mariana Isl., Norway, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, St. John ,St. Kitts/Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent/Gren., Saudi Arabia, Serbia & Mont., Seychelles, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Sweden, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Trinidad/Tobago, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Turks/Caicos Isl., United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Vietnam, Virgin Islands, Yugoslavia.

Lobue Design - Baby Spring/Summer 2008
Lobue Design Trend Book - Baby Spring/Summer 
56 Files in AI, EPS and CDR types | JPG Previews | RAR 464 MB

Japanese Traditional Pattern Collection 300xAI
Japanese Traditional Pattern Collection 
300 AI Files | RAR size: 350 MB < 526 MB
Japanese Traditional Pattern Collection
Published by X-media Graphic Library | Kaoru Yamamoto

Japanese Design, Modern Approaches to Traditional Elements Vol.1, 150xEPS

GINGKO PRESS - Japanese Design, Modern Approaches to Traditional Elements Vol.1

150 EPS Vector Files with JPG Previews | 78 Templates & 72 Design Parts | 331 MB

  • 'Modern Approaches' is a visually exciting new series that allows the designer to understand and appreciate traditional folk patterns, for the purpose of creatively employing their forms and colors to modern-day applications. The series is providing the designer with the historical and symbolic significance of each tradition. Volume 1 features the essentials of traditional Japanese dress and decor, for example kimono patterns. It discusses design and coloring, looking at color spectrums from different periods of history, and demonstrates how they can be used for T-shirt-designs, identity graphics, industrial design or in illustrations. Chapter Ü offers 80 royalty free templates which readers can use to make designs and illustrations. The 4th chapter includes examples for surfboards, interior designs, aloha shirts, wrist watches, and more. Forthcoming themes in this series are: Native American, Arts and Crafts Movement, Shaker, and African Tribes.

Izosoft IZ110 Composition on 8 March & Valentine
Izosoft IZ110 Composition on 8 March & Valentine
100 RGB JPG | <4676x3283 | 209 MB 

Il Loft from Italy
671 OBJ&DWG Furniture Models with Texture Files
103 Armchairs, 28 Baby Collections, 35 Beds, 21 Carpets, 100 Chairs, 66 Low Tables,
25 Night Tables, 36 Offices, 2 Pouffs, 202 Sofas, 19 Tables and 34 Wooden Furnitures.

iCube - iTrees Vol.2 Summer, 3DMax
Quality: high Format: MAX Version of 3D Max: 2009 (Vray SP2)
Quantity: complete collection, Issue: 2009
Archive Size: 415 Mb (unpacked about 2.1 Gb)
  • This collection is specially designed for use with VRayScatter. It includes 12 types of trees and 3 types of bushes. Each one includes 5 different shapes. In addition to those there are 8 standard trees designed for filling huge areas. With this 83 model collection you will be able to create realistic – paradise like gardens and forests.

ClipArt DeSIGN - Ultimate Background Series: Floral Art-1, 500xEPS
ClipArt DeSIGN - Ultimate Background Series: Floral Art-1
500 EPS Files | RAR size: 75 MB < 248 MB
Abstract Floral Backgrounds: 105xEPS, Article Floral Backgrounds: 25xEPS
 BW Floral Designs: 25xEPS, Corner Floral Designs: 15xEPS, Fancy Nature 50xEPS
Floral & Technology Backgrounds: 20 EPS, Floral Flow Backgrounds: 50xEPS

Fitness NTSC 44 Clips
ArtBeats - Fitness NTSC 44 Clips
All the components of a good workout including weightlifting, aerobics, meditation and hydration
44 *.mov Clips | 720х486 Pixels | HDCAM, Frame Rate:29.97, Total Lenght: 593:27 | Total 2.24 GB
  • Watch the mighty oak spout from an acorn, the bursting blossoms of spring, and the nodding heads of seedlings as they push toward the light through the magic of timelapse! Shot against natural or black backgrounds, these closeup images of a variety of plants sprouting, growing and blooming are sure to bring your next project to full bloom. Collection contains 23 clips.

5Things - Fireworks Vol.1 12xMOV
5Things - Fireworks Vol.1 
12 *.mov Video Files | 720x576 Pixels | PAL | Compressed to 411 MB<720 MB

Extreme ClipArt - Full Collection 3800xEPS

Extreme Clip Art Full Collection (Vector)

The Full collection from

Over! 3800 Vectors in  EPS Formats along with a small JPG Preview.

Clipart for T Shirt Designs and Vector Clip Art for Vinyl Decal Graphics....

The Rar Contains a Folder with 3838 Individualy numbered folders inside that.

The numbers correspond to the Image ID numbers on

I've found the easiest way to use these as there are so many is find what

your looking for on the extreme clipart website then search the extreme clipart

directory for the relevant number Smile

There might be some very new images on the website that this collection does not

contain but so far I've not found any.

All Singles & Collections.

2.1GB Unpacked

For previews more details etc... 

Bee-Line 4.0, 31.000 EPS!
For Your Main Archive!
31.000 EPS Vector Files | Compressed RAR size:794MB < 1.75 GB | Include PDF Catalog

ActionBacks Countdowns 1 HD Widescreen 20xMOV
20 *.mov clips | 1920x1080 Pixels HD Widescreen | 2.8 GB
  • ActionBacks is a collection of royalty free video backgrounds and animations for use in any Video Editing Software. For use in School Video Productions, Church Video and Worship Video Productions, Wedding Videos, and Corporate Videos. These video backgrounds offer a large variety of categories. We aim to keep producing high quality unique motion backgrounds for Video Editing Software that give our customers the added value in their video productions. Using our motion graphics or video backgrounds in any video editing software will put your production above the competition.

EyeWire Image Club - Industry 156xEPS
156 EPS Files | RAR: 4.3 MB
Fossil Feuls, Manufacturing, People, Polution, Power Gen, Printing and Transport & Packaging

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