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ThemeForest - Notes - Multiple Directions HTML/CSS Theme | 4.2 MB
Notes is a single page HTML /CSS/javascript theme, specially designed for effective and clean vCards.



Grid Flash Photo Album Template

Grid Flash Photo Album Template | SWF | FLA | XML | 13 MB
This is an ActionScript 3.0 XML driven Flash template. No Flash knowledge required for setting up this template. Everything can be set from a config .xml file and also each gallery has its own .xml file making it very easy to update and maintain.
* Grid Flash Gallery - original navigation and zoom ;
* Modular Flash-CSS pages;
* Add unlimited galleryes and images.;
* Thumbs in grid gallery it arranges automatically after the window size, automatic centered.

ThemeForest - Amanuke - Under Construction HTML Template | 12 MB
Layered PNG, Layered PSD, JPG Image, HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Files, PHP Files 
  • Amanuke is new Under Construction / Work in Progress HTML template to show the progress of your web development. It use countdown timer and circle progress bar to show how many percents in days the launching date. It use social icons for contact , ajax subscribe form and ajax contact form. It has 13 pattern to change the background image. It also has twitter ticker in the bottom. Features : - Count Down Timer - Icon Social - Subscribe Form - Contact Form - Twitter Ticker - Light and Dark Template - 3 Color Combination with Pattern

Creating 3D Logos in Cinema 4D
English | FLV | 782x646 | 15 fps | VP6 @ 1000 kbps | MP3 @ 96 kbps | 651 MB
  • Illustrated logos can be found everywhere and logos with characters can be especially appealing. Translating those logos into 3D can add a great deal of flexibility to their use and really make them stand out. In this course we'll take the Woody's BBQ logo, created in our Integrating a Character with a Logo in Illustrator training and add some depth using CINEMA 4D.
    We'll start this course by using as much of our original logo as possible to begin the rebuilding process. We'll use curves from Illustrator as a basis for extruding sections of geometry. We'll explore ways to combine splines to create cutouts for some of the letters and how we can begin to organize and layer our geometry. We'll also use a little bit of ZBrush to go through the process of posing Woody, the beaver from our Creating Cartoon Characters training. We'll put everything together and use CINEMA 4D's Sketch and Toon rendering to create a nice cartoony final render. Once done, you'll not only have a finished 3D logo, but you'll be able to create and translate your own logos into 3D.

Stylish Girls 5xEPS - Shutterstock
5 EPS Vector Files | 16 MB  Stylish Girls 5xEPS - Shutterstock

Enveloplus - Project & Resource CD

Enveloplus - Project & Resource CD  |  92 PDF Files | 350 MB 
16 step-by-step Projects and all elements you need!
Projects-Card Companions-Tutorial Video-Decoreative Card Templates-Blank Card Templates
This is packed full of templates and large card print outs. You don't need the enveloplus board 
as it only makes envelopes and enveloboxes. 

Manuscripts Book Covers, 394 Books with infos

Covers from 394 Old Books | Information text file | 502 JPG Quality Scans
<5902x7601 Pixels | 940 MB

3Dtotal.com Ltd. & C.M. Wong - Painting Steampunk Environments 2011

3Dtotal.com Ltd. & C.M. Wong - Painting Steampunk Environments 2011

55 pages | PDF | 71Mb

Steampunk HQ Backgrounds and Cog Wheels, Frames and Decorations
Steampunk HQ Backgrounds and Cog Wheels, Frames and Decorations
Steampunk HQ Backgrounds and Cog Wheels, Frames and Decorations
12 JPG Files 2400x3000 Pixels | 26 PNG Transparent Files 2500x2500 Pixels | 146 MB

Passionate Loving Couple 6xJPGs - Shutterstock
6 UHQ RGB JPG Images | 5616x3744 Pixels | 82 MB   Passionate Loving Couple 6xJPGs - Shutterstock

Rice Farming, 12 UHQ Images - Shutterstock
12 UHQ RGB JPG Images | 3872x2592 Pixels | 61 MB  
Rice Farming, 12 UHQ Images - Shutterstock

iStockPhoto - Pretty Girl 23xJPGs
23 HQ Raw JPG Shoots for iStockPhoto | 2691x2152 Pixels | 50 MB   iStockPhoto - Pretty Girl 23xJPGs

David.fx 2011 Tobit Software
David.fx 2011 Tobit Software | 2.2 GB

DAVID.FX: THE CENTER OF INFORMATION: Creativity, productivity, reliability. These are all very important elements for a company's success. But the strongest motor for success is called information. Information makes you win new customers. With information you avoid erroneous trends. And quite often the right information even keeps you from making any wrong decision. David.fx by Tobit.Software is the ultimate tool for the handling and exchange of information. It combines what you so far required a dozen of programs and devices for: With only one software you communicate with employees and customers, coordinate appointments and projects and receive messages from all around the world. Tens of thousands of companies already rely on David.fx. Not only because since twelve years the software always sets new standards but also as Tobit.Software speaks their language and consequently pursues one goal: To always provide you with the latest technologies and most innovative products to handle your information. So that you are always better and faster than the others.

On Workstation 3xJPGs - Shutterstock
3 UHQ RGB JPG Images | 8512x5664 Pixels | 40 MB On Workstation 3xJPGs - Shutterstock

Internet Concept Render Images 5xJPGs - iStockphoto
5 HQ JPG Render Images | 2560x1920 Pixels | 18 MB  Internet Concept Render Images 5xJPGs - iStockphoto

Cartoon Style Theater, 3 UHQ Renders - Shutterstock
3 UHQ RGB JPG Render Images | 6000x4500 Pixels | 34 MB  Cartoon Style Theater, 3 UHQ Renders - Shutterstock

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