Tobacco Themed Magazine Advertising History 500xJPGs
Tobacco Themed Magazine Advertising History
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Andrea Mantegna 1431-1506
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  • Andrea Mantegna (Italian Andrea Mantegna, ca. 1431, Isola di Cartura, Veneto - September 13, 1506, Mantua) - Italian painter, representative of the Padua school of painting. Unlike most other classics of the Italian Renaissance, wrote in a harsh and abrupt manner. One of the greatest humanists of Italy, Mantegna was a connoisseur and collector of ancient art. Thanks including understanding of antiquity, Mantegna became a radical innovator painting.

WGSN Graphics - Print Designs - 3, 8xEPS
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WGSN Graphics - Print Designs - 1
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WGSN Graphics - Print Designs - 2
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Business Consepts for Web Designers & Presentation Makers 600xJPGs
Business Consepts for Web Designers & Presentation Makers
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The Beauty of Forms in Nature, 1904 by Ernst Haeckel
Ernst Haeckel; 1834 - 1919, German naturalist and philosopher. Pithecanthropus and Ecolog.
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  • Ernst Haeckel, 1908: "The beauty of forms in nature" (German Kunstformen der Natur) - lithographic book by Ernst Haeckel. Originally published in the period from 1899 to 1904 in sets of 10 prints, full version of the 100 prints released in 1904. Many of the organisms depicted in the book were first described by Haeckel. Total based on sketches and watercolor sketches Haeckel was manufactured more than 1000 engravings, the best of which were selected for the book and translated into printed form lithographer Adolphe Giltchem. Said a student of Haeckel by Olaf Braydbaha, who was editor of new media "forms of beauty in nature", it "was not just a book with illustrations, but also a reflection of his views on the world." The forms of life were selected to demonstrate the perfection of their organization, ranging from naturalistic sketches of fish and ammonites to highly symmetrical medusae and microorganisms. At the same time each page was assembled in such a way to visually capture the maximum representatives of one species or family of living beings. Among the important pages can be noted that, which shows Radiolaria. Haeckel contributed to their popularity among fans microscopy, inserting in almost every set. Also common in the book pages with images goad, such as sea anemones, Siphonophorae, diskomeduzy and others. The first set included images of jellyfish Desmonema annasethe (= Cyanea annasethe), which Haeckel discovered and described soon after the death of his wife Anna Seth. The book had a great influence on art and architecture of the early XX century. In particular, many of modernism tried to reproduce some of those beautiful forms that were depicted Haeckel. Including, Rene Binet, Karl Blossfeldt, Hans Christiansen, Emil Galle. One notable example of such an effect may be called the Amsterdam Stock Exchange Berlage building, designed by Hendrik Petrus Berlage partly under the influence of "the beauty of forms in nature."

English Photography 221 Books Bundle 6 GB!
English Photography Books Bundle

221 PDF eBooks | 6 GB!

Alan Bean, Astronaut & Painter 197xJPG
Alan Bean - Astronaut & Painter
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  • Alan LaVern Bean (born March 15, 1932) is a former NASA astronaut and currently a painter. Bean was selected to become an astronaut by NASA in 1963 as part of Astronaut Group 3. He made his first flight into space aboard Apollo 12, the second manned mission to land on the Moon, at the age of thirty-seven years in November 1969. During this mission, Bean became the fourth person to walk on the Moon. He made his second and final flight into space on the Skylab 3 mission in 1973, the second manned mission to the Skylab space station. After retiring from the United States Navy in 1975 and NASA in 1981, Bean pursued his interest in painting, depicting various space-related scenes and documenting his own experiences in space as well as that of his fellow Apollo Program astronauts.

Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I (Adele Bloch Bauer I), written by Gustav Klimt (Gustav Klimt) in 1907 godu.Kartina also known as "Golden Adele" or "Austrian Mona Lisa." In 2006, an American entrepreneur and president of the New York Museum Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art Ronald Lauder (Ronald S. Lauder) bought it for U.S. $ 135,000,000.

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Gustav Klimt 1862-1918, Austrian Painter

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  • Austrian painter. He studied at the School of Art and Industry in Vienna (1875-83). Wrote junction, ornamental symbolic paintings, portraits, landscapes, art nouveau, performing them with mosaic color spots (panels for the "Burgtheater" in Vienna, 1888; portrait of Bloch-Bauer, 1907, the Austrian Gallery, Vienna). One of the founders (1897 ) and President (until 1905) of the Vienna Secession.

The collection of works by the artist from Florida, Carol Carter.
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Carol Carter, Florida 137 HQ JPGs

The collection of works by the artist from Florida, Carol Carter.
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Carol Carter received her MFA from Washington University, St. Louis. She received a MAA-NEA Fellowship in Painting and Works on Paper in 1994. Voted Best St. Louis Artist by The Riverfront Times in 2000. In 2002 her work was chosen for the cover of New American Painting magazine and in 2003, the US Embassy sponsored a solo exhibition of her work at the Teatro del Centro de Arte, in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Ms. Carter has been visiting artist in Oslo and Stavanger, Norway, in 1999, 2001, and 2003. The Schmidt Art Center in Belleville, IL held a solo exhibition in 2006. She was invited to be in the National Watercolor Biennial at Parkland College in February. She is featured artist in the Herstory invitational at SWIC in Granite City, IL. A retrospective of her work will be held at the Turner Center for the Arts in Valdosta, GA opening this March. Different Strokes, by Quartro Publishing, in London, England is featuring her work. Ms. Carter's work is represented in many public and private art collections, including those of Citicorp, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Arjomani Paper, Leonard Slatkin, Price University, and Utah State University.

iStockVideo - Abstract Business HD1080
Abstract Business HD 1080 | 203 MB
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iStockVideo - Walking Man Major Joints Scan HD720 *.mov
Medical Joints Scan HD720
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USA National Parks Ultra High Quality Photos 325xJPGs
USA National Parks - Ultra High Quality Photos
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Bryce Canyon National Park [USA, Utah]
Glacier National Park [USA, Montana]
Grand Teton National Park [USA, Wyoming]
Mount Rainier National Park [USA, Washington]
Sequoia National Park & Kings Canyon National Park [USA, California]
Yellowstone National Park [USA, Wyoming]
Zion National Park [USA, Utah]

Oskar Kokoschka, Austrian Expressionist Painter
Oskar Kokoschka, Austrian painter and writer of Czech origin 
(March 1, 1886 Pöchlarn-Austria-Hungary /  February 22, 1980 in Villeneuve, Switzerland)
The largest figure of the Austrian expressionist literature and fine arts.
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Santa Claus 2, 3 UHQ JPGs
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Santa Claus 1, 4 UHQ JPGs - SS
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Graphic Design Cookbook: Mix & Match Recipes for Faster, Better Layouts
Graphic Design Cookbook: Mix & Match Recipes for Faster, Better Layouts

Leonard Koren & R. Wippo Meckler
142 Pages PDF | 39 MB 

  • With 100,000 copies sold, Graphic Design Cookbook is one of the most useful all-purpose resources for designers and anyone who wants to create a dynamic layout for magazines, newsletters, books, posters, and other media. Now released with a fresh new cover, its more than a thousand line drawings illustrate effective design devices, type treatments, spatial solutions, and pictorial presentations, allowing examination and comparison of various options in no time. The Graphic Design Cookbook can be opened to virtually any page for instant access to great ideas. As a catalyst for cooking up endless new design recipes, this classic goes on inspiring one generation of designers to the next.


2DArtist Magazines 2005-2013 Full Collection 92 Issues!
English | True PDF | 72 issue | 13 GB


  • 2DArtist is the magazine for CG artists around the globe, whether you already work in 2D or are just getting started. Each issue is full of techniques, tutorials, interviews, articles, project overviews and galleries – providing the perfect platform from which to improve your 2D skills, learn from the professionals and get inspiration for your next project.

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