Vectors - Ornaments Design Mix

Vectors - Ornaments Design Mix
2 AI+TIFF | 19.37 Mb

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FeinCMS v1.7.1

FeinCMS v1.7.1 | 1,43

FeinCMS comes with a bundled rich text content consisting of a single field. The default editor is a TinyMCE instance. Support for CKEditor is included, and other rich text editors can be easily integrated.
Not everyone needs support for multilingual content. Not every website manager knows how to do proper SEO. Instead of confusing the user with fields he or she won't ever need, FeinCMS allows you to add functionality only when you really need it. Extensions are the built-in way to dynamically add capabilities to your own CMS.

Vectors - Ornamental Backgrounds 27

Vectors - Ornamental Backgrounds 27
3 AI | +TIFF Preview | 14 MB

Architecture - Wordpress Theme

Architecture - Wordpress Theme | 1,73

SmartPress is excellent solution for your personal blog. This WordPress theme supports and comes with custom widgets, drop-down menus, javascript slideshow and lots of other useful features.

CodeCanyon - EZ Poll

CodeCanyon - EZ Poll | 248 KB
EZ Poll: A simple but powerful and customizable polling management system.

YooTheme - Noble v5.5.15 - Premium Template For WordPress

YooTheme - Noble v5.5.15 - Premium Template For WordPress | 7,93 MB

This month we proudly present our new template "Noble". It's stylish and individual design in combination with our new ZOO blog template make it perfect for your private website or blog. To give our new template a noble touch, we used discreet retro colors, lots of whitespace and played around with the typography. You also have the option to enable some nice Google webfonts!
To give you a wide range of different color variations you can choose a color style for the content, different background colors, textures and illustrations. You can combine all these setting which makes up to 480 different template variations. We already arrange 8 nice combinations which are available as presets in the template configuration.

ThemeForest - Badgy Error Page

ThemeForest - Badgy Error Page | 895 KB

Badgy is simple and nice looking error page with CSS3 effects. You will be able to search and go to some links, what else you need in error page?

YooTheme - Pure v5.5.15 - Premium Template For WordPress

YooTheme - Pure v5.5.15 - Premium Template For WordPress | 11,7 MB

Welcome YOOtheme's latest template: Air! Its light design, flexible layout and large presentation area put your products and content right into perspective. The elegant menu bar looks great in combination with a wide screen background image in the header.
For Air we created a great variety of different colors, backgrounds and styles you never have seen before. You can combine 4 menu bar styles, 6 template colors, 8 background images that are individually optimized for every template color and 4 font-families to create a unique look. Of course you can also select out of our 12 presets to switch the design of your site very easily. Additionally we put a new date style for the ZOO Blog app and 2 new list styles into this template. Get Air and join the YOOtheme club today.

PicPick 3.2.3 Portable

PicPick 3.2.3 Portable | 6.93

PicPick is a free of charge alternative to Adobe Photoshop. Some of the features of this application include capture tool, image editor or color picker, just like any ordinary photo editor. And, this is distributed as Freeware. So you may use this software on any number of computers for as long as you like. PicPick is an all-in-one software for software developers, graphic designers and home user. It has an intuitive interface and simple, elegant operation. After starting the software, you simply select one of the tool from the PicPick Tools trayicon menu when you want.


SEO Pressor - Best SEO Wordpress Plugin v5.0

SEO Pressor - Best SEO Wordpress Plugin v5.0 | 3,35 MB

An amazing SEO improving wordpress plugin which can greatly improve your search engine rankings!

sh404SEF v4.0.2 RC1544 for Joomla 2.5 & 3.0

sh404SEF v4.0.2 RC1544 for Joomla 2.5 & 3.0 | 5,62 MB

As the most popular Joomla extension for URL management with more than 80% of the market share, and an 'Editors Pick' on the Joomla Extensions Directory, sh404SEF® is the most reliable and most trusted tools powering your Joomla SEO campaign and maximizing the impact and search engine placement of your Joomla site.

ThemeForest - enFORCE - BootStrap Responsive HTML5 Template

ThemeForest - enFORCE - BootStrap Responsive HTML5 Template | 5,71 MB

enForce HTML5 template was designed and developed with a lot of thought, creativity and dedication. Force is not just another HTML5 template, it’s a very powerful theme bundled with tones of amazing features that makes a complete website out of the box website package including some really unique and amazing features.

YooTheme - Pure v5.5.16 - Premium Template For WordPress

YooTheme - Pure v5.5.16 - Premium Template For WordPress | 8,67 MB

In its pureness lies its beauty - this is how this template is described the best. Pure comes with a light and clean design that makes it the right choice for your magazine, news or music related website. With this template we also introduce our new Warp Core feature: The "Spotlight" feature creates nice hovering javascript effects for your content.
With Pure you can combine a lot of different styles to achieve a unique design. Choose from a white and a black basic styling and combine them with different colors, background textures and fonts. Additionally you have a selection of different module styles that come with cool hover effects. Finally, we added a fitting new template for the ZOO Blog app and new list styles to this template. Get Pure and join the YOOtheme club today.

YooTheme - Expo v5.5.15 - Premium Template For WordPress

YooTheme - Expo v5.5.15 - Premium Template For WordPress | 13,7 MB

Say hello to Expo, our last template highlight for year 2010. Expo can be perfectly used for any product related or portfolio websites. A main feature of this template is board-like wrapper and the second menu position where you can easily publish modules like a login or more even menu items. The new style for the Spotlight javascript will set your module content into perspective.
With Expo you have a great variety of different style elements, so you can combine different backgrounds for the wrapper with different background colors and background effects which will perfectly match the different colors. The template comes with 6 color schemes, 4 wrapper styles, 6 background variations and 5 different font families. Together with a broad range of module styles you can give your site a really unique look.

FuturArch v1.499 Beta MAX 2012 2013 64Bit Only iND


FuturArch v1.499 Beta MAX 2012 2013 64Bit Only iND | 6.5MB


FuturArch is a project of LWCAD tools ported into Autodesk 3ds Max.

Latest version is powered with real-time polygon booleans and complete set of archviz tools for creating walls, floors, tiled roofs, fences, windows, doors, furniture and custom elements.

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